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I have visited the site and although the location is good but the house plans are not good enough. During the visit we have not seen much of a work going around during October 2016 and most of their plots lie vacant. Also has visible faults (Swelling of walls, Dent in the roof) in the inventory homes. Feed back about customer service is horrible. Another biggest draw back being its not in a good school zone and the allotted elementary school is... Read more

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Buyer beware of Meritage Homes in the Raleigh, NC area. They are not equipped to keep up with the demand, and it is manifesting itself in delays, poor quality, poor communication, poor customer service, and unhappy customers. We had a contract to build a home with Meritage in Durham, NC. Delays, mistakes, poor quality, communication problems, and lack of experienced construction management started from the very beginning. After we signed our... Read more

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Reversing (flipping) floor plan so patio was on other side of our lot was NOT done as discussed and now they won't fix it or put proposed solution in writing. Am very fearful of moving forward after reading ssssooo many negative reviews on this site and 2 others. *** what have we done??!?!?!??? Doesn't seem like Meritage can be trusted nor do they even build a quality home. I keep reading about issue after issue in brand new homes. A punch list... Read more

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Meritage Homes - Buyer beware of Meritage and their awful quality &  customer service
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Built the Lenox model in the kellswater bridge neighborhood in Kannapolis, NC. All ceilings look awful builder says it's just "critical lighting" issue and not the bad dry wall- also see seams on walls. All baseboards down steps cracked and separated from wall, closet had unknown small leak for months created mildew because they hit water line when installing shelving. Our biggest complaint and concern is the bad grading and improper... Read more

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They're Unresponsive and difficult to contact.

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This is to anybody buying a Meritage home in Sierra Ridge Parker Colorado. My husband and I were misrepresented and not disclosed the information about this apartment complex being built in the neighborhood were all going to be 240 UNITS LOW INCOME APARTMENTS. When they said there will be apartments were going the price in this AREA for rent is between 1200 to 2100 dollars a month because all the homes are costing 500,000 plus. They just... Read more

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We signed a Meritage Home and put down 10K as Earnest Money but the lender gave a higher interest price and we got another lender who gave us a better interest quote for preapproval. While we discussed further following offer, our lender rejected loan as it was high loan and we didn't have sufficient income to make payments. Meritage Lender tried to offer the loan still on super high interest rate so we decided to back off the next day we got... Read more

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We have had an absolutely horrible experience with Meritage homes in Sierra Ridge, Parker Colorado. They were not honest or forth coming that a 264 unit low income apartment complex was being built two doors down from our house. We asked several times before the building process started what was going to be placed there and they lied to us. We had to cancel our contract due to their non disclosure and not only are they unwilling to give us... Read more

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Please think twice before you decide to buy a Meritage home especially in the Creekside at Austin waters in the colony tx. You will be so surprised on how less Meritage cares about you once you sign the contract. Customer service is the last thing for them. You will find they have cut corners in everything. Basic things like shower rods, under stairs closet light, fence gate etc are either missing or an upgrade option. They will really make... Read more

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Don't buy at Meritage Esencia Rancho Mission Viejo California ! They made us sign a 140+ page contract first and put down a 25K deposit before they would even put in an offer to show we were "serious". My wife and I had a serious medical emergency with huge costs that wont be covered by insurance and cancelled three weeks later. They don't care! They don't respond and are stonewalling us to hope we will go away. They have a "preferred" lender... Read more

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