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After we moved into a new Meritage home last year, we had file over 60 warranty requests. Some of the items were shockingly sub-par quality. Here are a few examples:

1 of the 2 water heater was broken. The builder simply turned it off. We did not realize it was broken until 3 months later, because it took 15 minutes for the water to get warm, and we are constantly running out of hot water. We submitted a warranty request, and it took over 2 months to finally get it fixed. First time the technician showed up and did not have the part to repair it. Even though we sent them a photo showing the cracked control. Next scheduled appointment was missed, because the technician did not show up, and I wasted a vacation day for it. After the missed appointment, I waited 4 weeks with no one calling me back from the builder or plumbing company.

Finally, I had to submit another repair ticket to get them to come back again. Calls to our "warranty manager" went straight to voicemail, without any replies. Third time the technician brought the part, only to find something else was broken. After he told me it was fix, I asked him why the garage smelled like gas. He then brought out some soap water to test the connections, and found there was a leak. He even joked that I had good sense of smell. The level of negligence was shocking. If he left the valve leaking and I did not smell gas, the whole house could be destroyed. For that simple repair alone, I wasted 4 vacation days, and made over a dozen phone calls, sent at least as many emails.

Another example of shabby construction quality was the case of card board filler. One day, I notice there was a wide gap between my garage door frame and the brick wall. Between the crack was what looked like brown card board box, filled in with silicon calk. The gap was about 4 inches wide. Upon close inspection, it looks like a part of a card board box. Someone broke the box a a part, and stuck it in the crack, because the brick wall was crooked, and they could not align the frame properly. Last I checked, card board is not qualified as an external facing construction material, especially when not painted. That particular warranty request took 3 tries for them to get it looking reasonable. I still have a 4 inch gap, but now it is filled with silicon instead of card board. See the attached photo if you do not believe me.

The latest problem I have is the lack of usable electrical outlets outside the house. The builder decided to put both garage door openers and all of the garage outlets, as well as all the front, back and side outlets on a single 15 amp circuit. There are 12 dual receptacles on that single GFCI circuit. I could not use anything more than 5 AMP on those outlets without tripping the circuit. The builder's response was that it was common practice for them. They also claimed that because I bought a spec house, they are not responsible for it. They then tried to get me to pay for the same low quality electrical company to come out and add additional circuits. Right now I have a 5300 square foot house that could not even power outside Christmas lights. Finally we hired another electrical company who installed additional circuits for us.

Now we are having foundation issues, and the bricks in the walls are cracking. They just sent repair crew who knocked a hole in the outside wall, but failed to come back and finished the job for over a week. After that, they tried to cover over the cracks in the bricks with mud, and told us it was not covered under warranty.

Their tactic is to make the warranty repair process so painful, that people would just give up and not call them. If you are in the market for a new house in Texas, do yourself a favor and avoid Meritage Homes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meritage Homes House Construction.

Monetary Loss: $550000.

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